Damien Hirst Puts a Clown Nose On His Diamond Skull For Comic Relief Benefit

Damien Hirst has announced plans to repurpose his ultimate exercise in excess, his $100 million diamond-encrusted skull, for good. For a limited-edition series of 50 lithographs, Hirst has printed a version of the skull bearing a red clown nose, and is selling them for £2,500 apiece, the proceeds of which benefit the charity Comic Relief, the BBC reports. One of the prints also goes on view at the Tate London this weekend.

Apparently Hirst has long had comedic aspirations: “I thought years ago about trying to do an exhibition of art that made you laugh,” he told the BBC’s Radio 4. “There are some really great funny artworks, though I don’t make many of them.”

Hirst has worked in the past with Comic Relief, which aids the homeless in the U.K. and fights malaria in Africa. The print references the organization’s annual “Red Nose Day” telethon, taking place this year on March 15.

— Rachel Corbett

(Photo: Damien Hirst, “For the Love of Comic Relief,” 2013)