Watch a Preview of Nick Cave’s Soundsuit Horses Dancing Around Grand Central Terminal

Remember how 60 dancers dressed in 30 of Nick Cave‘s horse Soundsuits will be dancing around Grand Central Terminal next month as part of the beautiful transit hub’s centennial celebrations? Well Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit, which are presenting “HEARD•NY” (March 25-31), has released a short trailer (embedded below) for the performance, in which we get a taste of the urbane, equine spectacle.

The short video shows harried commuters and travelers going about their business, until a small herd of Cave’s Soundsuited dancers trot into view. Even more of the fantastically fashioned horses will be migrating through Grand Central’s main concourse — an on view in Vanderbilt Hall between performances — late next month.

Watch a short trailer for Nick Cave’s “HEARD•NY”:

— Benjamin Sutton

(Top image: photograph by Travis Magee, Courtesy Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit.)