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Here are the Projects in Survey, Miami Basel’s New Section for Historical Work

Art Basel in Miami Beach has just released details about Survey, its brand new section devoted to “art-historical projects” (read: art that was made a few decades ago). The thirteen projects cover quite a bit of ground, ranging from a group show of female geometric abstractionists to a solo presentation of Chilean political artist Lotty Rosenfeld.

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Isabella Rossellini’s Kooky “Green Porno” Series Goes Live at LA’s Natural History Museum

If I had to guess, I’d say that when David Lynch accidentally overdoes it on cough medicine, his fever dreams look something like Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno.” An advent of the Sundance Channel in 2008, the series features the actress demonstrating, in what could very loosely be termed an educational context, the sexual habits of various insects and sea creatures. And yes, “demonstrating” means standing in front of a crudely drawn set in a series of spandex costumes, acting out her own lilting narration and sometimes chiming in with oddly lascivious dialogue. Fans of “The Daily Show” may recall when Jon Stewart featured a topical episode of the series in 2010, during New York’s bedbug epidemic. “Is this going to get weird?” he asked sheepishly into the camera, and was promptly answered by a close-up of Rosselini’s bedbug-costumed head cooing “He ejaculates into my wound!” Perhaps a better question, then, would be, “Could this get any weirder?” Enter, the prospect of “Green Porno Live!”

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Fergus McCaffrey to Open St. Barths Location

It was just four months ago that gallerist Fergus McCaffrey opened his new, giant Chelsea location on West 26th Street. Now, McCaffrey has announced even more expansion plans with a second location in Carribean getaway for the super rich, St. Barthélemy. Set to open this November, the 600-square-foot space will be the island’s first permanent art gallery, according to press materials. And lest you think McCaffrey shows any signs of slowing down, his third Tokyo location is set to open sometime in 2015.

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Sneak Peek: ART21’s Season 7 Episode With Tania Bruguera

As PBS stalwart ART21 gears up for its seventh season, we’ve partnered with the series to premiere exclusive clips from some of their upcoming episodes. Our fourth preview clip catches up with Cuban installation and performance artist Tania Bruguera. The episode documents one of her ongoing long-term works, the “Immigrant Project International,” which her website terms an “artist initiated socio-political movement,” headquartered at a community center in Corona, Queens. Conceived in 2006, the project officially began operation in 2010 and is slated to run through 2015.

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Brooklyn Museum to Honor Mera and Jennifer Rubell

It’s going to be a busy autumn for artist Jennifer Rubell who, before she debuts her Rennaisance-themed food performance at Performa’s tenth anniversary gala, will be honored with her mother Mera at the Brooklyn Museum’s twelfth annual Women in the Arts luncheon. Mera and Jennifer are not the first mom-daughter duo to receive the Women in the Arts award — last year it was given to Laurie Simmons and Lena Dunham. Scheduled for October 22, the event benefits the programming of the museum and its Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

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Doll Breaks World Record at Auction With $394,000 Sale

If you were born a female-bodied individual, chances are, at some point in your childhood, someone thought it might be appropriate to give you a doll. Or maybe you picked one out for yourself — even made one out of yarn or wayward buttons. Maybe you named it, had tea with it, whispered secrets to it long into the night. Maybe you thought your doll was the best doll in the world. Well, it turns out, you were wrong: On Wednesday, September 24, a doll made by famed German manufacturers Kammer & Reinhardt sold for £242,500 (about $394,000) at Bonhams, shattering the worldwide record for a doll sale at auction, and thereby crowning herself the reigning queen of all eerily lifelike part-ceramic children.

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Francesco Clemente Plans Talks with Nas, Alfonso Cuarón

To accompany his current show at the Rubin Museum of Art, “Inspired by India,” Francesco Clemente has created a series of talks that bring together eight people “he’s selected as exceptional.” Called “Clemente x 8,” the live conversations will see Clemente one-on-one with Nas, Alfonso Cuarón, and Billie Tsien, among others. “Both Clemente and his guest will bring to the conversation a found object that will act as catalyst to a freewheeling conversation,” according to press materials. Patti Smith kicks off the series on October 1.

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Checklist: UN Considers Syrian Trade Ban, and More

— UN Considers Syrian Trade Ban: An open letter signed by several scholars has been sent to the United Nations to request an international trade ban on Syrian antiquities. Looting at the country’s six World Heritage Sites is widespread and in some cases thought to be funding military operations. “An international trade ban will help strip these antiquities of much of their financial value and disincentivise the looting,” the letter states. [LAT] Continue Reading

Instagrams of the Art World: Mr. Bean, Shaq, Martha Rosler, and More

This week, Rodney Pike debuted his images of Mr. Bean in various historical paintings and the Frick (frickcollection) posted this reimagining of Hans Holbein the Younger’s “Sir Thomas More” from its collection.

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David Nolan Gallery Adds Wardell Milan to Roster

New York-based artist Wardell Milan, who is best known for his expressive drawings and collages of the human figure, has been added to the roster at David Nolan Gallery. You might remember Milan from the 2005 edition of PS1’s “Greater New York” or his stint as an artist-in-residence at the Studio Museum in Harlem from 2006 to 2007. More recently, he had a solo exhibition at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Expect to see his first show at David Nolan in February of next year.

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