Art World Missed Connections: MoMA Cougar, Subway Portraitist, and More

It seems appropriate, given that today is Valentine’s Day, that we should have a bevy of Art World Missed Connections to parse, including two from the Museum of Modern Art, another from the opening of an exhibition of Metrocard art at Tribeca’s RH Gallery, and one involving a gifted subway portraitist. Let’s begin in Midtown, with an item written by a woman who some might call a “cougar” — not us, though; we find that term reprehensible and ageist — and addressed to a much younger man.

The author of “MoMA – w4m – 40 (Greenwich Village)” writes:

Maybe by chance I’ll meet you. I was with a friend at the MoMA museum. You younger looking artistic Caucasian tall and fit guy. You had brown hair not long but not short wearing casual clothes. You were admiring some artwork. We caught each other’s eyes but there were too many people. Im not in NY but would love to talk and maybe meet sometime.
I’m very fit, slender attractive Asian woman love arts and other interests and love laughing too.
Please respond photo only.

In light of the poster’s love of laughter, we’re going to recommend this would-be inter-generational couple visit Fabio Viale‘s ongoing solo show at Sperone Westwater, which not only blurs distinctions between classical and contemporary sculpture, but is at times very sharp, playful, witty, and funny.

In our other MoMA item, “Bespectacled queer at Trajal Harrell performance – 22 (Midtown),” a young performance art enthusiast recounts an encounter during last night’s “Performing Histories” event:

We both saw “Used, Abused, and Hung Out to Dry” at MoMA tonight. I think you’re cute; I should’ve introduced myself when the friend I was with started to talking to the friend you were with, but I was feeling too shy. I was wearing a yellow button-up; you were flagging red on the right, if I remember correctly. Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink or something.

Firstly, we commend this poster for being romantically inclined even in the midst of a performance titled “Used, Abused, and Hung Out to Dry.” Secondly, an inaugural date with the buttoned-up four-eyes who is the object of his or her affections should probably involve something more light-hearted, or at least a little romantic. How about a visit to see the epic and moving new Ragnar Kjartansson video “The Visitors” at Luhring Augustine?

Meanwhile, further downtown, a woman attending last night’s opening of the third exhibition in the “Single Fare” series — shows devoted to artworks on or made out of MTA Metrocards — at RH Gallery didn’t manage to corner the young man she chatted with in the corner. Her post, “Single Fare 3, Duane St btw Church/WBroadway – w4m (RH Gallery),” reads:

You: Tall, I would guess around 6’3, slim, wearing neutral greys…I think, and a winter knit hat with a beard, nice smile, smiley eyes, possibly a British accent (surrounding sound made it difficult to tell exactly). You made a comment to me about trying to get into the corners of the gallery or something like that… You also pointed out the peep show card. I saw you as I was leaving the gallery and wanted to say hi but your head was down and you were chatting with two other friends, who seemed to be equally tall. It’s hard to be brave sometimes and I was shy…
Me: long curly hair, dark grey/charcoal coat, smiling a lot…

You are cute and I would have liked to chat with you, if by whatever chance you read this please drop me a line, maybe we can grab a coffee!

The obvious recommendation here would be a date at the New York Transit Museum — so obvious, in fact, that we can’t make it. Instead, for the simple reason that the word “fare” is a homonym of the word “fair,” which made us think of the Armory Show art fair, we highly recommend that these two canoodle in the corner at Sunday’s opening of “DECENTER,” the Abrons Arts Center‘s blockbuster contemporary art homage to the 1913 Armory Show.

Finally, not far from the Transit Museum, a hockey fan missed an opportunity — while making a connection — to chat at length with his subway portraitist. The resulting post, “Woman who drew a picture of me on the A – m4w – 25 (Hoyt-schermerhorn (A,C,G)),” explains:

You were drawing portraits of people on the subway. I saw you were drawing me and talked to you briefly as I was exiting. I was joking about how I looked in your drawing. I thought it looked really good and regret not giving you my number or email address. I was coming from the Rangers game and was wearing a blue jersey.

This is a no-brainer — provided the subway artist isn’t also an Islanders fan, that is. Our two transit-lovers should arrange a date for opening night of fellow subway artist Patrick “Moustache Man” Waldo‘s new solo show at Krause Gallery on February 21st. Perhaps Waldo will even add his signature ‘stache to the portraitist’s picture of her date.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Detail of Becca Genne-Bacon’s MetroCard from Single Fare. Courtesy the artist.)