Twitterati Goes Crazy For Nerdy New Art Meme #EmojiArtHistory

Last night a joke that began as a post consisting of iPhone screenshots showing art historical figures’ works summarized as emojis on the Tumblr blog Speaking Of transformed into a Twitter hashtag — with the help of new media artist Man Bartlett — and the new meme #EmojiArtHistory was born. Ever since, art nerds have been busy articulating the oeuvres of countless artists using the cute icons, from obvious targets like Damien Hirst to historical subjects like Edweard Muybridge. See some of our favorites to date below.

Rirkrit Tiravanija:

Ryan Trecartin:

Felix Gonzalez-Torres:

Trevor Paglen:


Paul McCarthy:


Keep checking in on the #EmojiArtHistory hashtag as new contributions to the meme, including some from major museums — although institutional acceptance is a sure sign of a meme’s impending demise — are going up constantly.

— Benjamin Sutton