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Check Out Will Ferrell’s Art-Filled Loft in the West Village

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Last we heard from comedian and satirical anchorman Will Ferrell, he and his wife Viveca Paulin-Ferrell had helped purchase a pair of Omer Fast videos for LACMA, but the March issue of Architectural Digest features a tour of his art-filled East Coast digs, a loft on West 13th Street in New York’s West Village that contains works by Roy Lichtenstein, Sol LeWitt, Robert Indiana, and more.

The couple, who bought the apartment in 2010 for $4.2 million, according to Curbed, undertook a major renovation. They’ve since outfitted it with works from their private collection, including 10 Indiana serigraphs above the living room couch (top), and a small Lichtenstein still life print and two LeWitt woodcuts in the living room (above).

Meanwhile the kitchen (below) includes a much larger Lichtenstein print — of a living room — and a pair of Donald Sultan flower prints above the kitchen table. “We love history and anything with a good story and good bones,” Paulin-Ferrell, who works as an auctioneer at Los Angeles Modern Auctions, told the Architectural Digest. “It was exciting to think the floors were once covered in ink.”

— Benjamin Sutton

(All photos by William Waldron for Architectural Digest.)

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  1. Donald Sultan flower prints.

  2. Yes, those are Donald Sultan’s flower prints. They’re credited in Architectural Digest correctly.

  3. Thanks for the notes. The flower prints are now attributed to Donald Sultan.

  4. His collection seems to be based more on economics then an emotional attachment to the work.

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