An Unusual Warning Greets Visitors to Doug Aitken’s Splashy New Show at 303 Gallery

It’s hard to miss the giant hole Doug Aitken drilled into 303 Gallery‘s floor — hence the recent cement-pouring activity — and filled with a pool of water into which automated faucets drip in choreographed sequences, but just in case the above warning label has helpfully been applied above the desk holding the exhibition press release, checklist, and guestbook.

“Please be advised the exhibition includes a pool and active fountain,” the warning reads, presumably in reference to the above installation, the centerpiece of Aitken’s show “100 YRS.” “In order to preserve the integrity of the art, there are no barriers between the pool and the rest of the exhibition. Please be mindful of small children and pets.”

Nobody ended up ankle-deep in Aitken while ARTINFO visited the exhibition this afternoon, but in light of the microphones installed beneath the pool’s surface — which turn the drops into a symphonic musical composition that is very difficult to tear oneself away from — we’d be curious to hear the sonic result of a gallery-goer taking an impromptu dive.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photos by the author.)