Syrian Artist Transforms Bullet-Riddled Wall Into Three-Story Klimt Homage

The Damascus-born, Dubai-based artist Tammam Azzam has created a viral hit through a simple super-imposition of one of art history’s most iconic images — Gustav Klimt‘s painting “The Kiss” — on a photograph of a wall in Syria that is riddled with bullet-holes from the ongoing conflict there.

The resulting image, titled “Freedom Graffiti,” builds on Azzam’s ongoing series of works responding to the struggle of his fellow Syrian artists in the war-torn nation. For his recent exhibition at Dubai’s Ayyam Art Center, “Syria,” the artist combined images from important events in the Syrian uprising with maps of the country, images of chess pawns, and other allegorical symbols of political conflict.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Tammam Azzam, “Freedom Graffiti,” 2013; courtesy the artist, Ayyam Gallery.)