Beloved Art Blog Art Fag City Drops the “ag,” Launches Redesign and New URL

This morning Art Fag City, one of New York City’s most trusted and influential art blogs, relaunched with a new name, URL, and design. As founder and editorial director Paddy Johnson explained in her re-introductory post, “we’ve finally grown tired of having our emails automatically filtered into spam, living without a Facebook page that actually uses the blog’s name, and being referred to anonymously in the mainstream media as ‘an art blog’ that did such and such.”

Hereafter, therefore, Art Fag City will be known as Art F City, and its new URL will be The blog’s redesign includes one conspicuously fun new feature: the ability to toggle a series of different animated GIF artworks as background images, including “Super Mario Clouds” (2002, pictured) by Cory Arcangel, an artist Johnson championed early on in his career.

Johnson founded Art Fag City seven years ago. “We’ll be tweaking the design a little as the days go forward,” she wrote in today’s blog post, “but I’m pleased with what we’ve got here.”

— Benjamin Sutton