Art World Missed Connections: Highly Visible Photography Fan at the Invisible Dog

After a trove of Art World Missed Connections last week, we are once again faced with one solitary story of unrequited attraction in a New York City art space this week. Happily, however, today’s item takes us far from the conventional territory of Manhattan mega-museums, to Brooklyn gallery the Invisible Dog Art Center, where a visitor to the excellent and about-to-close Jean-Christian Bourcart photography exhibition “Camden” was distracted from the gritty photojournalism by a striking gallery-goer.

In her entry, “Tall Drink of Water – w4m – 30 (Invisible Dog Gallery),” the young photography fan recalls a near-meeting at the Boerum Hill gallery on a  recent Sunday:

I saw you one sunday at the invisible dog and i cannot stop thinking about you. Amidst the destruction portrayed in Camden, you were a beacon of calm and beauty. Please remember me and accept this invitation to meet me at the next opening of the Invisible Dog on Saturday March 9 from 6 to 10pm.

Well, this person has done the work of recommending an arty date for us — the Ryan Frank, Aaron Ruff, and Oliver Jeffers opening on March 9. Thanks! However, in case you need to meet up sooner, may we recommend another photojournalist’s exhibition, the just-opened Chim retrospective at the International Center for Photography, “We Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933–1956 by Chim“? His images of Europe before, during, and after World War II seem, for better or worse, to foreshadow Bourcart’s snapshots of Camden and its inhabitants.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Detail from Kurt Schwitters, “N Watercolor 1. (The Heart Goes from Sugar to Coffee),” 1919. Via Wikipaintings.)