Exhibition of Art Inspired by the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Opens in D.C.

Amidst last weekend’s inauguration celebrations Washington, D.C.’s Charles Krause/Reporting Fine Art, a gallery run by its namesake former foreign correspondent in his converted apartment, opened an exhibition of works created in response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut on December 14. The exhibition, titled “A Call to Arms: The Newtown Project,” was the result of an open call for work, and will remain on view through Presidents’ Day (February 18).

Krause’s open call garnered some 150 submissions, which, the help of a jury, he narrowed down to the 32 pieces hanging in the show. Most of the works included are for sale, the Washington Post reports, but the gallery won’t take any share of the proceeds. Instead, artists will receive 30 percent, with the rest being donated to pro-gun control advocacy groups. Participating artists also agreed to make their works available for licensing in gun control and education campaigns.

The works in the exhibition include viscerally powerful pieces like Michael d’Antuono‘s “Brought to You by the NRA” (2012, above), a painting of toys and other objects on a blood-splattered classroom floor, and more subtle pieces like Michele Colburn‘s “Exit Wounds,” a camouflage-like abstract painting punctured by a series of bullet holes, or Jerry Truong‘s sculpture “Dec. 14, 2012,” a school desk on which the words “please no more” have been scrawled.

“A Call to Arms: The Newtown Project” is on view at Charles Krause/Reporting Fine Art through February 18.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Michael d’Antuono, “Brought to You by the NRA,” 2012. © Michael d’Antuono.)