LOLcats Exhibition Opens at London’s Framers Gallery Tomorrow

Tomorrow “LOLCAT – Teh Exhibishun,” internet cats’ latest art world cross-over — following the Walker Art Center‘s cat video festival and the Photographers’ Gallery‘s cat photo exhibition — opens at London’s Framers Gallery, with works by over 40 artists inspired by the ubiquitous meme LOLcats.

Curated by Jenny Theolin of the curatorial collective Soapbox & Sons, the exhibition features paintings, prints, drawings, videos, design, fashion, and more, with 50 percent of proceeds from saltes going to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

“For many people, especially those who don’t spend a ton of time on the internet, ‘funny cat pictures’ are shorthand for internet culture as a whole,” Kate Miltner, LOLcats expert who helped with the exhibition, told Wired. “From my perspective, it makes total sense that a phenomenon with this level of cultural significance would be explored through other art forms.”

“In every seriousness, I think that a cat in a hat has the power to cure depression,” participating artist Lizzie Mary Cullen told Wired. “There’s nothing lovelier than a kitten falling over, and nothing more full of hope than a cat sneezing. Show me [a] baby cat in a jumper playing a keyboard, and I’ll show you a world of hope, love and unadulterated joy.”

LOLcat – Teh Exhibishun” runs January 23-February 12 at Framers Gallery.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: “It Suspects Nothing” by Graham Dexter; courtesy the artist.)