Skype a Free Tarot Reading From Artist Jen DeNike Today

Brooklyn artist Jen DeNike is offering free tarot readings to Skype users today from 2 p.m.-4 p.m. as part of her exhibition “The Star Card” at Anat Ebgi gallery in Los Angeles, open through January 26. The exhibition takes its title from the show’s centerpiece, a video of DeNike enacting a v the scenario depicted on the seventeenth Major Arcana card, in which a nude woman kneels at a pool of water.

According to DeNike’s artist statement, “This exhibition is a continuation of my research into various forms of ritual, alchemy, the tarot, ecstatic dance or actions that elicit other states of being, hypnosis, ideas regarding the mystic, and meditation. These days the general public can relate to the word meditation; it’s a less scary and more acceptable way of saying ‘the search for a higher form of consciousness.’ The occult merely means ‘the unknown,’ hermetic language and various magick practices have always been misunderstood and bastardized.”

Spots for the readings are limited, email

— Rachel Corbett

(Photo: Jen DeNike /©Patrick McMullan)