Paris Will Launch a Berlin-Style Gallery Weekend in April With 60 Participating Spaces

Paris will dedicate the weekend of April 5-7 to showcasing its art galleries, an idea proposed by Oriana Schwaan, former show manager for FIAC. Schwaan told Roxana Azimi of the Quotidien de l’Art that the event is intended to bring galleries together and help them to sell more art. The hope is that collectors and curators from other countries will be lured to Paris by concierge services, guided tours, special hotel rates, private exhibition tours, and a dinner and after-party at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.

The list of participating galleries is already long, numbering about 60, and including Chantal Crousel, Frank Elbaz, New Galerie, Claudine Papillon, Chez Valentin, and Nathalie Obadia. They were selected by a committee including Isabelle Alfonsi (of the Galerie Marcelle Alix) and Vincent Honoré (curator of the David Roberts Collection in London) — a young, open-minded group that has given galleries outside Paris, such as Cortex Athletico in Bordeaux, the chance to participate. Many of the galleries in Paris’s hip Belleville neighborhood are also joining in, such as Balice Hertling, Emmanuel Hervé, Suzanne Tarasiève, and Jocelyn Wolff.

Being selected isn’t enough, of course — there’s also a €4,000 ($5,350) fee, which is slightly less than the price of a 100-square-foot booth at FIAC. The Paris event will take place just three weeks before the eighth edition of Berlin’s Gallery Weekend (April 26-28).

— Céline Piettre, ARTINFO France

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(Image: Detail from Robert Delaunay’s “Eiffel Tower,” 1911; via Wikipaintings.)