Guggenheim Trustees Endow Chief Curator Position

Nancy Spector, formerly merely the Deputy Director and Chief Curator of New York City’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, has added a few syllables to her job title thanks to Jennifer Stockman, the president of the museum’s board of trustees, and her husband David Stockman, who have endowed the position; now, Spector is the Guggenheim’s first ever Jennifer and David Stockman Chief Curator, the museum’s director Richard Armstrong announced last night.

“Nancy Spector is the preeminent curator of contemporary art who has come to be known for her expectation-shattering installations,” Jennifer Stockman, who was elected to the Gugg board of trustees presidency in 2005, said in a statement today. “David and I are thrilled to endow her position so her precedent-setting work can continue.”

Spector, who has been at the Guggenheim since 1989, echoed the sentiment. “To be associated with Jennifer and David Stockman is a great honor,” she said in a statement. “The museum is extraordinarily fortunate to have their untiring support, engendered no doubt by their empathetic and enthusiastic engagement with the arts. They are especially impassioned about the creative process and Jennifer, in particular, has been such a strong and vocal advocate for our curators. Her support for our most radical exhibition ideas and collection-building initiatives means so much to the staff.  It is very touching that David and Jennifer Stockman have chosen to endow the position of Chief Curator, which signals a willingness to champion the kind of conceptual risk-taking for which we are best known.”

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image via Guggenheim/Facebook.)