Artist Turns Albrecht Durer’s Profile Studies Into Kinetic Sculpture

Taking his cues from the various profile studies in Albrecht Dürer‘s “Vier Bücher von Menschlicher Proportion” (“Four Books on Human Proportion,” 1528), the Chicago-based artist Pablo Garcia created a wrap-around kinetic sculpture that, when spun, creates an effect that’s somewhere between classical silhouette portraiture and contemporary face-morphing technology.

Made through a 3-D printing process out of aluminum and first created in 2008 for an exhibition at the University of Michigan, the sculpture is mounted on a rotating spindle the makes it cycle through the six types of profiles outlined in Dürer’s landmark tome. Garcia has also applied this technique, which he has dubbed “Profilography,” to the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge.

Watch Pablo Garcia’s “Profilograph (after Dürer)” below:

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image courtesy the artist.)