Wooster Collective Planning 10th Anniversary Street Art Retrospective at Jonathan Levine

The Wooster Collective, the blog, online store, and curatorial duo of street art-lovers Marc and Sara Schiller, will be marking its 10th anniversary this summer with a ten-year survey show at Chelsea’s Jonathan Levine Gallery, Marc Schiller tweeted Friday. The group exhibition, slated to run August 7-24, is titled “10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013″ — even though on its website the Collective claims to have been founded in 2001 — will be co-curated by the Schillers.

This will hardly be the pair’s first curatorial effort. In addition to smaller exhibitions — including previous shows at Jonathan Levine — the Schillers were behind 2006’s three-day blow-out street art takeover of 11 Spring Street, a building on the corner of Bowery whose exterior (and inaccessible interior) features a world-class collection of street art. While their show this summer in Chelsea won’t be quite as massive, it will be exciting to see what they make of Levine’s spacious West 20th Street gallery.

As far as who will be included in the exhibition, it’s a little too early to know for sure, although the pair’s series of “10 Years of Wooster” posts may offer a few hints.

— Benjamin Sutton