What if Cecilia Gimenez “Restored” the Universally Panned Kate Middleton Portrait?

On Friday the first official royal portrait of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge — a painting by Paul Emsley — was unveiled at the U.K.’s National Portrait Gallery and met with extremely and almost unanimously negative reviews, with critics attacking the artwork for making Middleton look like a bouncer, a vampire, and “a thrice-divorced senior VP who reads Fifty Shades of Grey and is mean to bus drivers.” But at least one person took a proactive approach in his response to #Portraitgate.

The Twitter user @QuebecTango, a British artist who practices “digital taxidermy,” imagined what the offending portrait would look like if Cecilia Gímenez, the Spanish art restorer responsible for last year’s greatest art meme, Beast Jesus, were called in to fix the Middleton portrait. The resulting mashup is a masterpiece of unflattering portraiture in its own right.

This marks one of @QuebecTango’s first combinations of human figures. His other aesthetic hybrids are primarily animals (and, sometimes, fruits), and include the “flemur,” the “groundcock,” and the “llager.”


— Benjamin Sutton

(Image by @QuebecTango.)