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What if Cecilia Gimenez “Restored” the Universally Panned Kate Middleton Portrait?

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On Friday the first official royal portrait of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge — a painting by Paul Emsley — was unveiled at the U.K.’s National Portrait Gallery and met with extremely and almost unanimously negative reviews, with critics attacking the artwork for making Middleton look like a bouncer, a vampire, and “a thrice-divorced senior VP who reads Fifty Shades of Grey and is mean to bus drivers.” But at least one person took a proactive approach in his response to #Portraitgate.

The Twitter user @QuebecTango, a British artist who practices “digital taxidermy,” imagined what the offending portrait would look like if Cecilia GĂ­menez, the Spanish art restorer responsible for last year’s greatest art meme, Beast Jesus, were called in to fix the Middleton portrait. The resulting mashup is a masterpiece of unflattering portraiture in its own right.

This marks one of @QuebecTango’s first combinations of human figures. His other aesthetic hybrids are primarily animals (and, sometimes, fruits), and include the “flemur,” the “groundcock,” and the “llager.”


— Benjamin Sutton

(Image by @QuebecTango.)

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  1. Hi Ben

    Thank you for taking the time to do some research. It is much appreciated. I have done human mash-ups before but obviously it’s the animal pieces that are my main focus.



  2. This is unbearably stupid, even for ArtInfo, which I check every day via email….

  3. It’s quite funny (!)

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