In Retrospect: Playboy Should Have Published Louise Bourgeois’s Collected Prints

Join us every Saturday as we look back on a week’s worth of posts and come up with five (mostly imaginary) ways of redeeming them, in retrospect.

—In retrospect, Hugh Hefner‘s son and apparent Playboy heir Cooper Hefner‘s assertion that “if somebody is trying to argue the point that Playboy is pornography, then you probably shouldn’t be showering or going to a museum where there’s nude art” still doesn’t make sense.

— In retrospect, we’re very glad Louise Bourgeois (pictured) decided to donate her entire print and book archive to the Museum of Modern Art, because now we have this awesome online database of them all.

— In retrospect, we blame George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for the theft of Belize’s crystal skull, over which the country is suing the makers of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

— In retrospect, MoMA may have been the most poignant venue for a panel on the canonization of hip-hop culture featuring GZA, José Parlá, and Alan Ket.

— In retrospect, we could never have guessed which of Ben Davis‘s five possible explanations for Jacob Kassay‘s new show at the Kitchen was the real one.

— Benjamin Sutton