Tonight in Chelsea: Ride a Horse-Drawn Carriage to Hell (or Heaven)

Bridging tonight’s openings for Alexander Melamid‘s concurrent exhibitions “Hell” and “Heaven,” a horse-drawn carriage shuttle will be traveling between the two realms, with the streets of Chelsea serving as a sort of purgatory.

Presented by Art (Amalgamated) and Melamid’s conceptual clinical project the Art Healing Ministry LLC, the “Hell” portion at 317 10th Avenue appropriately features plenty of infernal flames, with the Russian artist incinerating portraits of 20th century cultural icons as “a cleansing ritual, one that would free the viewers to explore art and their world views without the burden of enshrined historical ideologies.” Over at 130 West 29th Street on the celestial level of Suite 1004, Melamid expresses a gilded “Heaven” in 14-karat gold-plated paintings of the word “God” raised from white enamel.

The openings go from 6 to 8 pm, so watch out for hoofs of the heavenly horses or Satan’s stallions.

Allison Meier

(Image: Detail from John Hamilton Mortimer’s “Death on a Pale Horse,” circa 1775. Via Wikimedia Commons.)