Giant Floating Dice Sculptures Set Loose on the Atlantic in Oceanic Art Gamble

Out on the high seas, a pair of giant fluorescent dice is tumbling over the waves, its final roll left completely up to chance. Created by Philadelphia-raised, Paris-based artist Max Mulhern, the “Aqua Dice” were tossed  into the Atlantic Ocean at noon on December 12, 2012, possibly the luckiest hour in our lifetime.

Embedded with GPS systems, the dice — both 8 feet wide and structured to be unstable for optimum wave rolling — can be tracked online through their Facebook page. At the time of the last update, they were heading west off the coast of Africa. You can even bet on what their final outcome will be, or whether they “will just disappear.”

In a report by the New York Times, Mulhern said that he has been communicating with the nautical community for the project, which was funded by a French Ministry of Culture grant. “This project is going to hopefully not become notorious,” he told the Times, “but known to everybody who’s plying those waters.”

He also acknowledged to the Times that the “Aqua Dice” are technically illegal, “because you’re not allowed to put an object on the water that’s unattended, and you’re not allowed to go to sea if there’s not a constant watch on-board,” but emphasized that the chance of a collision with a vessel “is just about zero” due to their bright colors and their structure built to destruct if hit.

Allison Meier

(Image via Aqua Dice.)