Tumblr Enlists Artists-in-Residence to Generate Original Content

When Tumblr launched their visual mind-melt and self-proclaimed “only website on the internet” Reblorg this past fall, they created a venue for bringing original content created by users into the Tumblr world. Shortly after, they named their first artist-in-residence: Roger von Biersborn. According to Mashable, von Biersborn is a high school teacher, but also does work for MTV and other companies. Discussing his internet art, he told Mashable: “It’s cliche to say it but it’s really something I just enjoy doing. […] I don’t buy into serious art. I don’t like the pretentious stuff. I like things that are more simple and lighthearted.”

His website (which is, of course, a Tumblr blog) has such farcical creations as a GIF of Cthulhu rising from the water and then kissing a ship, some ridiculous Mario “power up” items, and a silly “space diary” entry about cereal (all things begging for a reblog). For one week in September as the Tumblr artist-in-residence, he made two new pieces each day, all similarly playful GIFs, such as a shark emerging from the water and saying “Toot!”, a cool fish (see above), and a vomiting cupcake.

Other artists-in-residence have followed von Biersborn, including Totally Fucking Radical (aka Bryan Peterson), Alan Butler, Max Capacity, Lacey Micallef, and Maré Odomo. Unfortunately, there does not seem to have been a new artist selected since two months ago. We know for a fact that the GIF well is far from empty, and constantly overflowing with glitchy, spasmodic, eye-stabbing whimsy and grotesqueries, so hopefully Tumblr will soon retake the cause of promoting these digital creators.

Allison Meier
(Image by and via Rover van Biersborn.)