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You Can Buy One of Mark Flood’s Miami Beach “LIKE” Signs Online

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During Art Basel Miami Beach earlier this month, artist Mark Flood staged an impromptu exhibition in a hotel room at the Deauville, filling it with lace paintings and signs blaring the word “LIKE” in capital letters. Visitors were encouraged to take the signs as they pleased — some were signed by the artist, others were not — and leave them lying around fairs, parties, and hotels. Bummed you didn’t get your hands on one? Now you can!

Starting today, online art sales site Exhibition A will offer 93 limited-edition “LIKE” signs (out of a total of 406 produced) signed and dated by Flood for $200 each. It’s a pretty big price hike from zero — they were all free in Miami and if you can afford to spend $200 on a vinyl and chloroplast sign, you were probably already in town for the fairs. Still, a lucky few may actually get their money’s worth: Several signs come with a beach scene drawing on the back by the artist.

“Stolen, gifted and otherwise distributed around the Miami area, they illuminate the enslavement of the human race by Facebook,” Flood wrote in a statement. The signs, like the exhibition itself, also toyed with the notion of “going viral.” Flood hoped the “LIKE” placards would trickle out across the city and eventually lead people to the locked hotel room that housed the show. (One ended up inside A-Rod’s batting cage thanks to Exhibition A co-founder Bill Powers.)

If you picked up a “LIKE” sign in Miami, take this sale as an indication it might have some resale value. Something tells us Mark Flood would get a kick out seeing one if his signs turn up on eBay, even if his dealer wouldn’t.

Julia Halperin

(Photos courtesy Exhibition A)

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  1. I think “Dumb” signs would be much more appropriate. And I don’t think the childish, not childlike, drawings actually help disprove that.

    It is time to put aside childish(and irrelevant) things.
    St Paul and some guy named Obama.
    That means you artscene.

  2. by Little Fucker

    Internet art created by an old man. I feel embarrassed about this.

    You know people are out of touch with young internet art, when they are still hung up on things like “like” buttons, privacy policies, diluted human expressions via 140 characters or less, or “the enslavement of facebook.”

    oh no!!!! the internet is making people less connected in real life…(old man talking about the internet.)

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