In Retrospect: With Hirst and Kusama Gone, Gagosian Should Sign Cecilia Gimenez

Join us every Saturday as we look back at the blue chip posts that left our stable in the past week, in retrospect.

— In retrospect, it seems fitting that the same week he told collector Peter Brant “I feel like I’m entitled,” mega-gallerist Larry Gagosian lost two of his marquee artists: Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama.

— In retrospect, we can’t believe it took this long for “Beast Jesus” restorer Cecilia Gimenez to start selling her own work on eBay.

— In retrospect, what are the odds that artist Jason Levesque would come across painter Josafat Miranda‘s copies of his work in the aisles of the SCOPE Miami fair.

— In retrospect, more people should follow the example of the Leopold Museum visitor who stripped naked while browsing the Vienna institution’s controversial “Nude Men” show.

— In retrospect, we wish we’d run into Beyoncé during her visit Art Basel Miami Beach so we could ask her what she heard when she put her ear up to Vito Acconci‘s giant clam shell sculpture.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo by Kyle Chayka.)