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MoMA PS1 and Volkswagen Plan a Geodesic Sandy Relief Dome in the Rockaways

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MoMA PS1 raised more than $140,000 for the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts last week when it cancelled its annual Art Basel Miami Beach party in favor of hosting a fund-raiser at Miami’s Delano hotel. Now, the event’s co-sponsor, Volkswagen, has announced that it will donate the funds to build a geodesic dome similar to the Performance Dome currently housed in PS1’s courtyard (see above) to serve as a temporary cultural space in the Rockaways.

“The geodesic dome will not only serve as a relief center throughout the winter months but also provide architects, artists, and scientists a platform to discuss how to rebuild the vulnerable part of New York after the changed climate conditions, and provide a meeting point in one of the hardest hit areas in New York,” said PS1 curator Klaus Biesenbach in an email.

— Rachel Corbett

This article also appears on Market Watch, ARTINFO’s art market blog.

(Image via MoMA PS1/Facebook.)

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  1. by Cynthia Hernandez

    Wow, what a boost to our morale that would be.

  2. Our group is finishing the details on our project: Using DIY Yurts (DIY to keep costs down – materials donated via amazon wishlists – and anyone wishing to sponsor or donate) – custom designed for local temperatures, snow-load and wind.
    Our attractive, efficient Yurts (NOT camping Yurts) can be quickly erected by volunteers working with team leaders.
    Yurts will quickly provide the needed temporary homes for storm impacted areas.
    If we support each other – regarding the efficiency of alternative structures – we can get some solid solutions – through grassroots efforts – happening NOW.
    We are working on getting the site (specifically for this project)up – but until then – anyone interested in information or wanting to support this – can email me at or message my FB page(Worth Noting) Thank you!

  3. Oh, and so folks know the sort of Yurt we’re talking about.

    Here’s three youtube links that present slideshows of yurts. As you look at these? The yurt interiors – that look like regular middle class homes – are the ones. (I didn’t make these youtubes but it’s easier to ’show than tell’ – some pics are blurry but most are great.)

    Slideshow Yurts I:

    Slideshow Yurts II:

    Slideshow Yurts III:

    And this shows the construction of a 30 ft. Yurt. Note the time-clock.
    (Ours is similar – but designed via wood-size, insulation etc – as a four season Yurt.)

    This video (from a company selling Yurts) – shows various platforms types – our design is over-sized and round – allowing for a walk-around, slightly elevated porch. By making the platform double as a skid – yurts can be easily re-located later – or disassembled and moved. (A source for platform and porch wood – could be Sandy-salvaged – if non-warped, dried and went over with a dry-ice blaster.)

    Yurts can be any size and be joined together. Four-season residential yurts have locking wood doors, can have regular storm windows and make perfect temporary (or permanent) homes.

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