Man Visiting Leopold Museum’s Controversial “Nude Men” Show Gets Naked

Vienna’s Leopold Museum has been raising eyebrows with its “Nude Men” exhibition, both for the nude soccer players adorning the posters promoting the show, and for the general abundance of very naked men in the exhibition — including the giant nude cut-out installed on the museum’s exterior (pictured). Critics who feel that this is too much male nudity will surely be dismayed to learn that on Saturday, a visitor to the Leopold decided to add his own nude body to the display, stripping down to his birthday suit and walking through the galleries until a security guard asked him to put his clothes back on, which he did without incident.

Saturday’s “spontaneous act” of exhibitionism was not part of the museum’s programming, spokesperson Klaus Pokorny assured the AP today. He noted that none of the other museum attendees present during the fleeting impromptu performance seemed to be particularly bothered. This may have been because they were already surrounded by portrayals of nude men, and thus the addition of another naked man made little to no difference, on balance.

Since it opened in October, more than 65,000 have seen “Nude Men.” If you’re planning a pantsless homage to Saturday’s anonymous nudist, you’d better do it before the exhibition closes on January 28, 2013.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo courtesy the Leopold Museum.)