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Usher Buys a Louis Vuitton Waffle-Maker as New Fair The Miami Project Sees Strong Sales

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Among this year’s new batch of satellite fairs vying for spillover foot traffic from Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Miami, UNTITLED’s only major competition in terms of size and the sort of galleries participating may be Wynwood’s The Miami ProjectartMRKT’s latest expansion — which boasts a huge tent housing more than 60 galleries from all over North America (and one from Berlin). Already on Friday morning, the new fair had notched several dozen sales, including to visiting celebrities P. Diddy and Usher.

Most notable is news that R&B singer and indomitable dancer Usher purchased Andrew Lewicki’s “Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker” (2012) — a functional sculpture that looks like and does exactly what the title says — from the booth of Los Angeles’s Charlie James Gallery for an undisclosed price. Meanwhile, fair-hopper P. Diddy picked up two gold-drenched flag paintings by Andrew Schoultz from the booth of San Francisco’s Marx & Zavattero.

Another big buyer at Miami Project was 21c, the hotel and museum company, which snapped up two media works by Chris Doyle from San Francisco’s Catharine Clark Gallery, and a large-scale photograph of a Sean Kelly Gallery art fair booth by Andy Freeberg from L.A.’s Kopeikin Gallery. The Doyle works will be on view when the 21c Museum opens in Bentonville, Arkansas. Kopeikin sold another six smaller photos by Freeberg to a local collector.

A private U.S. collection picked up Vic Muniz’s “Summer in the City, After Edward Hopper” (2011) from San Francisco’s Rena Bransten Gallery. New York’s Fredericks & Freiser sold a pair of large canvases by Justin Craun. Santa Monica gallerist Richard Heller sold one work each by his artists Marion Peck, David Jien, and Devin Troy Strother.

The Miami Project continues at NE 1st Avenue and NE 29th Street until Sunday.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photos courtesy The Miami Project.)

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  1. “Usher Buys a Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker”….and people wonder if the Miami art fair scene has “jumped the shark?”

    Like most of the art at the fairs in Miami, the headline proves that “style over substance” is the battle cry.


    P.S. Waiting for the headline “Paris Hilton Buys A Hello Kitty Painting!!!”

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