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Banksy’s Christmas Card Shows a Bible Scene Abruptly Interrupted by Middle East Conflict

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Yesterday an image that is purportedly British street artist Banksy’s Christmas card this year started making the rounds on Twitter. The artwork in question is, in many ways, a conventional Biblical landscape painting, which shows what are presumably the figures of Joseph and Mary — she astride a donkey — making their way toward Bethlehem, only to find their route blocked by the graffiti-covered Irsaeli West Bank barrier.

To the left, a shepherd tends his sheep, while in the distant sky a cross-shaped star lights up the heavens over the imposing concrete wall.

This is hardly the first time the mysterious muralist has commented on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One of his pieces that currently makes up a controversial display at the Art Miami fair was among those he created during a 2005 trip to Palestine. At the time he also painted nine murals directly on the West Bank barrier, though none of them appear in his Christmas card’s rendition of the region.

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  1. Great christmas card, not fake “happyness” cards

  2. They are not interrupted by “middle east conflict” they are interrupted by sionist genocidal acts

  3. I’ve had a copy of this picture on my laptop for a few years (I checked the properties and it says the picture was taken on 1/12/2006) so it’s definitely not new. Still, brilliant picture.

  4. Hi Joshua, sionist what??? Bla bla bla

  5. by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

    Looks like Nogales,,, Arizona/Mexico… and they shoot Mexicans there too…

  6. Whew! For a minute there I thought that West Bank barrier might be a wall.

  7. It’s not a conflict it’s occupation

  8. But where are the settlements?

  9. Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez: Sorry, but is not exactly the same… this wall is built into Palestine, with it israel steals resource, lands… and divides palestinian villages

  10. The picture may or may not be by Bansky, you may or may not like it (I like it), but regardless it isn’t new. It has been around for several years. I posted it on Facebook over a year ago and first saw it several years ago.

  11. Great criticism and all, just to note the ironi of the fact that Jesus (a jew) wouldn’t been so welcome in Bethlehem of 2006. Marry christmas

  12. nice words they use to try to state that it isn’t an apartheid wall…the conflict is a result of Israeli occupation, Any man will fight for his life, and the life of their loved ones. Israel is a rouge nation with no defined borders. This isnt a complex piece but the message is easy to understand. Israel is an racist, apartheid state

  13. Favorite was his Christmas dove a couple of years ago in Bethlehem.

    It had an olive twig in his mouth, and was wearing a flak jacket.

  14. How can Israel “occupy” land that was given to them by the true owner of ALL lands on earth?

  15. Mary and Joseph would have been stone to death while travelibg through present day Middle East

  16. Mary and Joseph were Hebrew citizens living under a Jewish Sovereign territory

  17. Hyphotetically speaking in present day Middle East, Gaza or Palestinian held territory, Mary and Joseph would have been stone to death by islamic mobs.

  18. by Mohammed Abualsoud

    Joseph is considered a prophet in islam, and marry has a very high position in islam, there is a complete section in the Qurun named Mary.

  19. by Mohammed Abualsoud

    Understand what Islam is before believing the fake media.

  20. This ( what would probably happen if a Jew (e.g. Joseph) would travel to any Palestenian city these days.

    Yeah… “Joseph is considered a prophet in islam”… which would hardly help him as looking jewish is all that it takes to get stoned in Palestinians cities. But of course after this the Palestinian leadership would have to issue an apology or something…

  21. by Voksen Nok Vaular

    The concrete wall is only a symptom. The tragedy is the wall of hatred, making this wall appropriately. Incidentally, King Herod al-Qaradaw prevents Mary and Joseph from escaping to Egypt this season. He proclaims the death of all male children of David. All jews anyway.

  22. Israel haters, get the facts before making assumptions.

    Israel is just as legitimate a nation as any other created in the 20th Century (e.g. Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.). Palestinian Arabs didn’t object when the Turks, Egyptians, and Jordanians occupied and controlled their land. When the Jews purchased land from the Turks and Arabs living in the area, and were later given their own part of the Ottoman Empire by the British (who won it from the Turks after WWI), and whose legitimacy as a Nation was later ratified by the U.N. in 1948 – only then did the Arabs decide they couldn’t live in or near a Jewish country, and decided to start a war against Israel that exists to this day. Arabs were displaced because of wars initiated by Arab hatred for Jews. Wars the Arabs lost. Yet most Arabs won’t admit defeat, continue violent attacks against Israeli civilians, refuse to recognize Israel as a State, and refuse to negotiate for a peaceful solution to this conflict.

    Hence the need for a wall. If the Arabs living in Gaza want to have outside access, they can always go through Egypt. But the Eqyptians don’t want Hamas’ Islamist terrorists (funded by Iran) in their country either, so like Israel, they keep their border closed too. Why no protests and BDS against Egypt for keeping their Arab brothers and sisters in Gaza “prisoners”?

  23. What a joke! Joseph and Mary were JEWS – remember? – and jews are not allowed into Bethlehem today. So the problem they would have faced, would not have been caused by the racist “Palestinian” authorities, not by the Israeli defence wall.

  24. Sorry – a “not” too much there. Correct message:
    “The problems they would have faced would have been caused by the racist “Palestinian authorities, not by the Israeli defence wall”.

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