W/—— Projects Selling Artists’ Undeveloped Disposable Cameras at NADA Miami

At the booth of New York City gallery W/—— Projects at NADA Miami, prospective collectors are presented with a wall full of disposable cameras. Each one was taken by a different artist, who used up the film inside before returning it to the gallery. The buyer of each camera gets to develop the photos, but won’t know what they’re going to get until then.

The cameras cost $1,000 each and caught the eyes of Aspen-based collectors Nancy and Robert Magoon. By early afternoon the gallery had already sold pieces by Michele Abeles, Dana Gordon, Zak Kitnik, Daniel Keller from AIDS-3D, as well as a few others (seven cameras in all). Many of the participating artists — such as Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Michael Bell-Smith, Max Warsh, and Jon Rafman — have other work on view at the fair as well.

“It’s kind of a trust exercise,” gallery co-founder MacGregor Harp told ARTINFO this morning. “You have to trust the artist. Everyone is so used to having unlimited chances to get a photo right now, but with 27 shots, you have to get it the first time.”

— Julia Halperin

(Photo by Julia Halperin.)