Mark Flood Installs Ad-Hoc Exhibition in Miami Hotel Room [UPDATED]

Artist Mark Flood has a solo exhibition currently on view in Miami Beach — but you can only see it if you have a key. The notorious trickster has installed seven new lace paintings in Suite 845 of the Deauville Beach Resort, where the NADA Art Fair opened today on the ground floor. The mini-show has not been publicized and visitors can only see it if they are accompanied by a staffer from Zach Feuer Gallery, which is participating in the fair downstairs.

The space looks less like an exhibition and more like the hotel room of a compulsive art collector. Paintings are propped against walls and against the headboard of the bed, but little else in the room has been altered. Flood also placed cardboard placards blaring the word “LIKE” around the suite, which are free for the taking. (Some are signed, but those appear to be a hot commodity — they were all gone by the time ARTINFO arrived.)

Both the exhibition and the signs toy with the idea of “going viral,” according to the gallery. Flood hoped that people would leave the “LIKE” signs lying around various Miami Beach hot spots, and news of the exhibition would slowly leak out without advance press. (Sorry, Mark!)

All the paintings — colored with luscious crimsons, royal blues, and somewhat queasy-looking yellows — are for sale, though none have sold yet. Who says you have to go viral overnight?

UPDATE, 6:40 P.M.: Okay, so maybe that whole viral thing is happening sooner than we thought. ARTINFO has learned that three Flood paintings have sold from the hotel installation for prices ranging from $16,000 to $30,000.

Julia Halperin

(Photos by Julia Halperin.)