Anonymous Scottish Paper Artist Leaves More Mystery Book Sculptures in Edinburgh

After surfacing over a year ago, the mysterious Scottish artist who has been leaving intricate book sculptures in unexpected places returned last week. The anonymous artist was lured out by Book Week Scotland, the Guardian reports, and each of the five new sculptures references a classic of Scottish literature emerging in cut dimensions from its print, such as a dire sea scene from Compton Mackenzie‘s “Whisky Galore” (pictured above) that was discovered in the Am Politician Lounge Bar, and a delicate rendering of Peter Pan lifting Wendy to the skies that was found in J.M. Barrie‘s birthplace, Kirriemuir.

Clues were released that brought a discoverer to each work, and they are the first new sculptures since last November, when the mysterious artist left a paper cap and gloves and farewell note that revealed the artist to be a woman, the only known detail of the book sculptor’s identity.

The sculptures first appeared in March of 2011, and the latest five, like the previous, were all left in free access literary and arts locales in Scotland. The first ten are currently being toured in an exhibition called “Gifted,” which is at its final stop, the Scottish Poetry Library, through December 8.

Allison Meier

(Image: “Whisky Galore” sculpture, via Book Week Scotland)