Watch New Museum Security Guards Hold an Impromptu and Epic Dance-Off in the Lobby

The New Museum just posted a video (embedded below) on Facebook in which three members of its security staff are seen doing the robot, zombie, and assorted popping-and-locking moves in the institution’s ground-floor lobby after hours.

The video, cheekily titled “Night at the Museum” after the popular movie franchise set at the American Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian, goes on for nearly seven minutes, as the security guards do various solo and two-person moves, briefly attempting some simulation of a synchronized, three-person, slow-motion/zero gravity dance.

This is by far the best unscheduled piece of performance art to take place in the New Museum’s lobby since the artist who walks around carrying a giant embroidered penis had to be escorted from the building, possibly by one of the guards in the video above.

— Benjamin Sutton