Art World Missed Connections: Handsome MoMA Helper, Met Bombshell, and More

After a marked slowdown during the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the city’s romantic art types are back out in droves, making eyes at fellow museum-goers, hence this week’s rather rich batch of Art World Missed Connections, which take us from the halls of the Met and MoMA, to the reading room at the New York Public Library‘s art and architecture branch and Parsons the New School open studios. Let’s start at MoMA.

In her post “Handsome boy at the MoMA – w4m – 24 (Midtown West),” a young woman recalls yelling at a very helpful fellow who’d caught her eye:

You were just the cutest one, helping your chair-bound pal with his crutches. I acted a fool and yelled to you how cute you were from the down escalator. Welp, see you never, I guess, but dang wouldn’t it be so neat if we found each other? If you wanted to find me? I think I love you…?

She concludes her post, cryptically, with the words “Here’s some pictures of my insides,” which are followed by a kind of mood-board self-portrait that includes a kitten, the “Teletubbies,” the phrase “I love you” spelled out with a knife, a heart, and a horseshoe, and more. Given her, let’s say, eclectic range of interests, we’d recommend a return visit to MoMA for this love-struck poster’s first date and her generous beau to see Martha Rosler‘s just-opened “Meta-Monumental Garage Sale.”

We definitely don’t recommend our yelling-prone first poster meet her man at the NYPL’s art and architecture branch, the site of our second post this week, “Research at the Art and Architecture Division at the NYPL – w4m (Midtown).” Its author writes:

I was busy among my books today in that room within a room when you walked by and a glance of recognition passed between us. At seat number 50 and poring over volumes on 19thc jet jewelry, I was wearing a brown sweater with orange fall leaves, and you had longish hair and jeans with the cuffs rolled up. Then we crossed paths again in the Rose Main Reading Room. You were picking up books and I was dropping off reserve and off-site volumes. Somehow I felt a kinship between us, or perhaps a shared sense of knowingness. Let’s meet for a drink.

Though there aren’t any exhibitions devoted to jewelry made from lignite at any of the city’s museums at the moment, we bet these two could bond over the Museum of Arts and Design‘s Daniel Brush exhibition — followed by a trip to the museum restaurant Robert‘s lounge.

In a similarly scholarly setting, Parsons’s open studios, a gent was taken with a possible design student. His post, “Parsons New School Open Studios – m4w (Union Square),” reads:

Never thought I’d ever write here, but I can’t stop thinking about you.
I know it’s a longshot, but..
I was wearing the tan herringbone coat and white scarf.
Walking around the gallery with a friend.
I noticed you, wearing khaki, black hair, with bangs.
Your eyes were so bright, you, enigmatic, magnetic, captivating.
I couldn’t muster up the courage to give more than a glance,
But as soon as I could you vanished.
I scoured the space in hopes that I might find you again.
Now I’ve lost you to the universe.

If you happen to read this, and this was you,
I’d like to see you again.

The heartache in his post is quite palpable. He and his Parsons paramour should reunite at competing college Hunter‘ journey-back-in-time exhibition, “Times Square Show Revisited,” if for no other reason than to be united in their longing for a time when MFA programs didn’t cost $50,000 per year.

Lastly, we head uptown, where a young man checking out “After Photoshop: Manipulated Photography in the Digital Age” nearly blames the Met’s security staff for his romantic ineptitude. His post, “Short black hair at the Met – m4w – 26 (Upper East Side),” describes the scene like so:

I saw you Sunday afternoon at the Met, right before closing time, browsing the exhibit on Manipulated Photography. I think you were there with two of your friends. You were gorgeous, and we smiled at each other a few times, but then the museum closed and the custodian ushered everyone out before I could talk to you. Send me an email and let’s meet for coffee or a drink.

You: Gorgeous, petite, short black hair, white tanktop, dark baggy beanie.
Me: White, glasses, short brown hair, graphic print t-shirt, tattoo on right arm.

Should they reconnect, we’d suggest these Photoshop fanatics rekindle their closing time chemistry during a visit to Rachel Uffner Gallery, where Barb Choit‘s current show of reflection-filled photos of hair salon posters will test their ability to discern digital manipulation.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Detail from Lucinda Devlin’s “Heart Shaped Tub, Pocono Palace, Marshall’s Creek, PA,” 1980. Courtesy Indianapolis Museum of Art.)