L.A. Gallery Hosts All-Star Show of Sci-Fi Art at the Site of Ray Bradbury’s Former Home

Did you know that the place legendary science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury once called home is now bi-coastal gallery L&M Arts‘s Los Angeles location? Even though the old house has since been demolished and replaced with a modern gallery, it is currently home to  “For Martian Chronicles” (a reference to the 1950 sci-fi classic “The Martian Chronicles,” about colonizing our closest neighboring planet), which engages directly with Bradbury’s ground-breaking extraterrestrial fantasy.

Curated by Yael Lipschutz, the exhibition includes original drafts of “The Martian Chronicles” and an all-star line-up of contemporary artists whose work supports the expeditionary nature of Bradbury’s tale. Otherworldly pieces from late greats Michael Asher and Mike Kelley are on view, as well as Ken Price’s appropriately alien-like biomorphic sculptures.

Contemporary artists like Astronaut-enthusiast Tom Sachs have contributed installations like “Phonkey” (2012), which depicts a fictional exploration of the red planet. Jim Shaw’s “Martian Portraits” (1978) imagine what our humanoid neighbors might really look like.

Several film pieces will be projected each night, for the duration of the show, on the East Gallery façade beginning at 5:30pm on a loop including, Matthew Richie’s “Monstrance” (2011), Kenneth Anger’s “Invocation of My Demon Brother” (1969), Brian Butler’s “Night of Pan” (2010), and Scoli Acosta’s “Interior Cosmos” (2009), demonstrating the broad range of Bradbury’s enduring influence on art, from the canvas to the screen and beyond.

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– Alanna Martinez

(Photo Courtesy of PRISM LA.)