Original Concept Art of the Joker by “Batman” Producer Michael Uslan Goes to Auction

Michael Uslan, the man who bought the rights to “Batman” and is more or less responsible for the big screen rebirth of the “Dark Knight,” is auctioning off his original concept art for Jack Nicholson’s terrifyingly comedic turn as the Joker in Tim Burton‘s 1989 blockbuster adaptation.

In 1980, while scheming a silver screen pitch for bringing the grittier version of the “Batman” to Hollywood, Uslan came across a promotional image of Nicholson’s character from “The Shining” in the New York Post, in his iconic pose: eyes bulging, and head bursting through the door frame yelling “Here’s Johnny!” Uslan painted over the image with whiteout and transformed Nicholson’s furious features into that of the clownish villain.

Metropolis Collectibles, Inc.’s ComicConnect.com will be auctioning off the signed and framed artwork, along with several other pieces from Uslan’s personal collection. The historic auction began Monday and will end December 3, giving one fan the chance to own a pop culture masterpiece.

– Alanna Martinez

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