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MOCAD Receives $150K Rauschenberg Foundation Grant for Mike Kelley’s “Homestead”

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The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) announced this afternoon that it had received a $150,000 grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation to support the community and collaborative programming accompanying one of Mike Kelley’s final projects, “Mobile Homestead,” the video component of which premiered at this year’s Whitney Biennial, and the final stage of which — a full-scale replica of the artist’s childhood home in suburban Detroit — will be operated by MOCAD when it opens next year.

“As a sculpture and as a platform, ‘Mobile Homestead’ fits right into the Museum’s vision to develop an education and public engagement program that is truly progressive, which foregrounds artist-led initiatives and privileges community involvement,” MOCAD deputy director Rebecca Mazzei said in a press release.

Construction on the house — a site and plans for which Kelley signed off on in late 2011 — is due to be completed at the beginning of next year, with the launch of associated programming scheduled for May 2013. It will house MOCAD’s Department of Education and Public Engagement.

“These interactive works such as ‘pirate radio station’, ‘home of garage rock bands’, ‘community bike repair shop’ will bring in audiences of all kinds and test the ideas of how community spaces are used, how art is integrated and how collaboration occurs,” Rauschenberg Foundation executive director Christy MacLear said in a statement. “We loved the level of experimentation to bring this to life.”

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.)

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  1. Talk about ego. Artistes dont matter art does. Putting up a shrine to a mentally and emotionally unbalanced creator of narcissitic and hate filled games and toys is why no one cares about art anymore.

    Creative art is about Us, not Me. It is about the hgihest common denominator, not the lowest of entertainment and certainly not arts enemy, the decadence of narcissitic fashion.
    Contempt art is all about exhibitionism and therapy, reflecting the issues of its clients, the “patrons” of the arts, the very .1% who drove the economy into the ground by fleecing us with tax cuts and bubble economics.
    And this is one of their many poster boys, all for tittilation of hyper senstive and self indulgent egos.

    When art becomes about mind, body and soul elevated as One, then we wil care again Only artschool wannabes and those with deep seated psychaitric issues(and pockets) posing as “smart and clever’ care now. No more pseudointellectuals, Time for art of meaning and purpose. This has none.

    Hardly Schwitters Merzbau or the great and ignored by scared artscene fashionistas
    Nuestro Pueblo. Our Town, the Watts Towers. THATS true creative art, not exhibitionism and perversion of truth to the desires of a handful of twisted egotists.

    art collegia delenda est

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