The Brant Foundation Rented O.J. Simpson’s Bronco For Nate Lowman’s New Show

Rounding the corner of the stone barn that newsprint tycoon Peter Brant converted into an art gallery in Greenwich, Conn., visitors to Sunday’s opening party for artist Nate Lowman spotted an unusual sight on the manicured grounds. “Do you recognize that car?” a publicist asked ARTINFO, pointing to a white Ford Bronco parked on the lawn near the entrance. “It was O.J. Simpson’s.”

Apparently, Simpson’s old getaway car is available for party rentals, and had arrived at the Brant Foundation on the occasion of Lowman’s show, “I Wanted to Be an Artist But All I Got Was This Lousy Career,” open through March of 2013.

Lowman’s work often confronts American symbols of depravity like Simpson. Hung salon-style throughout the 9,800 square feet of gallery space, canvas cutouts of evergreen car freshener trees and paintings of pizza slices meet tabloid crime-scene photos and celebrities caught in moments of humiliation, which Lowman likes to cheapen further through repetitive Xeroxing. A famous shot of a topless Nicole Brown Simpson is one of Lowman’s hallmark subjects, although none of these works appear in the Brant Foundation show.

Nevertheless, the Bronco made a great photo op for Brant’s fashionable guests, which included David Altmejd, Dan Colen, LeeLee Sobieski, Terry Richardson, Cynthia Rowley, and the members of Gang Gang Dance, who played a surprise performance.

In the space’s front gallery, Brant and Lowman have installed works from their personal collections, with Dash Snow, Joe Bradley, Paul McCarthy, and Hanna Liden making appearances — just in case anyone’s in the mood for more celebrity cameos.

— Rachel Corbett

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