Miami’s UNTITLED Announces Over 40 Exhibitors for Inaugural Fair

Today the new Art Basel Miami Beach week fair UNTITLED announced the participating galleries for its inaugural edition, a New York-heavy lineup that also boasts participants from all around the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Among the roster of 43 (or possibly 42, if the one that reads like an elaborate prank turns out to in fact be a joke) are revered New York non-profit Art in General, Provincetown’s DNA, Chicago’s Monique Meloche Gallery, Brooklyn’s Open Source Gallery, and London’s Carslaw St*Lukes. See the full list below.

UNTITLED runs December 5-9 in a tent at 12th Street and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. It will also boast special artists’ projects by David Brooks, Justin Cooper, Emily Noelle Lambert, Cristóbal Lehyt, and Irvin Morazan.

532 GALLERY THOMAS JAECKEL New York (Exhibiting Ian Hughes.)

ADA GALLERY, Richmond, VA (Exhibiting Mike Hein, Jakob Boeskov, John Lurie, George Kuchar.)

ANDREW RAFACZ, Chicago (Exhibiting Wendy White, Jeremy Bolen, John Opera.)

ART IN GENERAL New York (Exhibiting Mounira Al Solh, Xaviera Simmons, Pae White.)

ASYA GEISBERG GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Guðmundur Thoroddsen, Melanie Daniel.)

BLEU ACIER Tampa, FL (Exhibiting Dominique Labauvie.)

BLACKSTON New York (Exhibiting Justin Adian, Rachel Beach, Amy Feldman.)

CINDY RUCKER GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Robyn Voshardt/Sven Humphrey, Gereon Krebber.)

CARTER & CITIZEN Los Angeles (Exhibiting Kelly Kleinschrodt.)

CARSLAW ST*LUKES London (Exhibiting Paul Chiappe, Fiona Curran.)

DUTTON Austin, TX (Exhibiting Amy Brener, Josh Dihle, Daniel Heidkamp, Marjorie Schwarz.)

DODGE GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Jason Middlebrook).

DNA Provincetown, MA (Exhibiting Erik den Breejen.)

DIMENSIONS VARIABLE Miami (Exhibiting Adler Guerrier, Frances Trombly, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova.)

DES PACIO San Jose, Costa Rica (Exhibiting Andrés Carranza.)

ESOPUS Brooklyn (Exhibiting Robert Gober, Bryan Nash Gill, Inge Morath, Kay Rosen.)

FEDERICO LUGER Milan (Exhibiting Franklin Evans.)

GALERIA NORA FISCH Buenos Aires (Exhibiting Amadeo Azar, Robert Buck, Pedro Varela.)

GONZALEZ Y GONZALEZ Santiago, Chile (Exhibiting Jota Castro, Patrick Hamilton.)

GEORGIA SCHERMAN PROJECTS Toronto (Exhibiting Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins.)

GALERIE KOAL Berlin (Exhibiting Arne Schreiber, Katinka Pilscheur.)

JOHANNES VOGT GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Tamara K.E., Hansjoerg Dobliar.)

JEFF BAILEY GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Jim Richard, Fabienne Lasserre.)

LU MAGNUS New York (Exhibiting Tofer Chin.)

LOYAL Malmö, Sweden (Exhibiting Jackie Gendel, Jesse Greenberg, Ara Peterson, Francine Spiegel.)

MONYA ROWE GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Larissa Bates, Angela Dufresne, Devin Troy Strother.)

MONIQUE MELOCHE GALLERY Chicago (Exhibiting Justin Cooper, Ebony G. Patterson, Sheree Hovsepian.)

MARSO Mexico City (Exhibiting Luis Felipe Ortega, Mauricio Limón, Daniela Libertad, Linda Tegg, Virginia Colwell.)

MARINE CONTEMPORARY Los Angeles (Exhibiting Dennis Koch, Jow, Christopher Michlig.)

MARC STRAUS New York (Exhibiting Charles Hinman, Jeffrey Gibson, Jong Oh.)

NEGATIVA MODERNA Archer, FL (Exhibiting Eugenio Espinoza, Tom Scicluna.)

OPEN SOURCE GALLERY Brooklyn (Exhibiting Nick Kline.)

OCHI GALLERY Ketchum, ID (Exhibiting Molly Larkey, William T. Wiley.)

PROSJEKTROM NORMANNS Stavanger, Norway (Exhibiting Margrethe Aanestad.)

PARTICIPANT INC New York (Exhibiting Ron Athey, John Brattin, Ellen Cantor, Johanna Constantine, Lovett/Codagnone, Julie Tolentino.)

PARISIAN LAUNDRY Montreal (Exhibiting Valérie Blass, Rick Leong.)

STEVE TURNER CONTEMPORARY Los Angeles (Exhibiting Parker Ito, Pablo Rasgado, Rafaël Rozendaal, Rowan Wood.)

THE POOL NYC New York (Exhibiting Patrick Jacobs, Martin Roth, Fabio Viale.)

THIRD STREAMING New York (Exhibiting Alvin Baltrop.)

THIERRY GOLDBERG New York (Exhibiting Naama Tsabar.)

THE HOLE New York (Exhibiting Holton Rower.)

Y GALLERY New York (Exhibiting Ryan Brown, G.T. Pellizzi, Christoph Draeger.)

The last gallery listed in the press release might be real — there is something called Zing that has curators — but given the artist it plans to show this item seems equally likely to be a weird press release joke:

ZING New York (Exhibiting His Airness, MJ, Air Jordan.)

Either that, or Michael Jordan has taken up art making.

— Benjamin Sutton