Takeshi Murata Splashes Times Square Billboards With Pyschedelic Patterns This Month

This month nighttime visitors to Times Square may catch an unexpectedly soothing sight flowing across the billboards at the so-called crossroads of the world: Takeshi Murata‘s deluge of color “Melter 2” (2003), a short film of abstract colors flowing in waves and splotches that the Times Square Advertising Coalition, in partnership with Times Square Arts, is presenting every evening at 11:57pm.

The three-minute video, which shows nightly at 11:57 until November 30, was curated for Times Square Arts by Electronics Arts Intermix.

“As New York begins its recovery in the aftermath of this unprecedented storm, Times Square can serve as a vital public space in which New Yorkers and visitors may share in a free and communal experience of art,” EAI executive director Lori Zippay said in a press release. “EAI is pleased to collaborate with the Times Square Alliance to present Takeshi Murata’s extraordinary digital animation: three playful minutes of pure visual pleasure that also reflects the indomitable motion, exuberance and dynamism of the city itself.”

Watch an excerpt from “Melter 2″ below, or see the whole thing here (or in Times Square tonight).

— Benjamin Sutton