New York Transit Museum Reopens Today With Free Admission, But Good Luck Getting There!

Many of New York City’s major museums — at least the ones outside the blackout zone — have started to reopen after the devastating passage of Hurricane Sandy, the latest being perhaps the most poignant in light of the city’s currently crippled public transit system: The New York Transit Museum reopened today at 10am and will stay open until 4pm. Bonus: It is offering free admission on its first day back. The museum will resume regular hours tomorrow.

In an email this morning announcing the reopening, the museum asked:

What better way to pay tribute to the incredible recovery effort of NYC Transit than to open the doors to the one institution that focuses on the history and impact of the region’s public transportation?

Of course, transit-starved New Yorkers eager to learn the history of the city’s public transportation system will have to navigate it in its current post-hurricane, skeletal form to reach the Downtown Brooklyn museum, so they should probably hit the road now if they’re going to arrive before 4pm.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo via New York Transit Museum/Facebook.)