Sandy Reminder: The New Museum Is Closed Until Downtown’s Power Comes Back

In a short but very to-the-point email with the subject line “New Museum Alert: We Are Closed,” the Lower East Side contemporary art museum announced that, because the power is out in all of Lower Manhattan due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, it will remain closed until the lights come back on.

The short email notes:

The New Museum will be closed to the public until power is restored downtown. All public programs and events are suspended.

Would-be visitors are then urged to follow the museum’s various social networks — namely Twitter and Facebook — and check its website to find out when it will reopen.

Two of its current exhibitions — Haroon Mirza‘s first solo show in New York, and Jonathan Horowitz‘s “Your Land/My Land: Election ’12″ — are especially electricity-reliant, and would surely lose a lot if seen by candle- and/or flash-light. Those of us who’d been planning to spend election night watching the latter, however, have our fingers crossed hoping that the power will come back on before Tuesday.

— Benjamin Sutton