Richard Prince Blog Watch: Debunking Rumors of Topless Kate Middleton Pumpkin Painting

This week we continued to survey the personal blog of appropriation, Pop artist, and budding soft drink mogul Richard Prince, and while he wasn’t as prolific as last week, he did manage to deflect a rumor that he’d painted an image of a topless Kate Middleton on a pumpkin, rock out at a Crosby, Stills, and Nash concert, and attend Dan Colen‘s celebrity-filled book launch.

In a short post from today titled “Ain’t Me Babe,” Prince responds to allegations that it was he who painted the this pumpkin portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing nothing but sunglasses.

He addresses the inappropriate Halloween decoration rumors bluntly, if somewhat cheesily, with a “Pulp Fiction” reference:

What do they call a “royale” with cheese. I did not paint Kate Middleton topless on a pumpkin.

On Wednesday he attended the launch for Dan Colen’s new book at Smalls in the West Village, where he claims to have seen the ghost of Phyllis Diller. He describes the scene thusly:

A Real Bronx Cheer… a new book by Dan Colen came out last night. The launch party was at Smalls in the West Village… a “small” jazz club that’s literally underground. The book party was MC’d by Ron Delsener with special guests Glenn O’Brien, Stephanie Seymour, David Blaine, Uncle Dirty, and the ghost of Phillis Diller. Ron’s been around show biz so long that when he started out nickels were made out of wood. (rim shot) The book was published by Fulton Ryder and the event was organized by Fabiola. (I’m trying to convince her to keep it single). Fulton Ryder would like to thank Dan and Ron for putting on a great show and showing us how to put our faith in something other than God.

Prince gets less sacrilegious and more sentimental in his blog post from Tuesday, which he spends recounting the Crosby, Stills, and Nash concert he attended at the Roseland Ballroom.

The Hollies. The Byrds. The Buffalo Springfield. Put them together and you get Crosby Stills and Nash. Went to see them last night at the Beacon. They were there to perform their first album from start to finish. I’ll always remember seeing that album cover. When did it come out? 1968-69? The photograph on the cover was down home. Very unrock like. I wasn’t much of a fan until Neil Young joined. But I aways loved Stills and Crosby’s voices. And they still have them. (I was reminded too what an amazing guitar player Stills is). “I almost cut my hair today”. Killer song. It was great to see sixty and seventy year olds getting up and out of their seats last night and letting their freak flag fly…

From a classic rock nostalgia trip to a madcap mix-up implicating British royalty in a scandalous gourd painting, it’s been a wild week on the Richard Prince blog. What crazy misadventures will he get into — and then post about — next week?

— Benjamin Sutton