Last Minute Art Halloween Costume Option: Asher Levine’s “Andy ‘Were’hol” Mask

While we will continue to offer you helpful guides to dressing up as this year’s hottest artists, art world figures, and artworks — from “The Scream” to “Beast Jesus” and beyond — we know that some of you, no matter how easy we make it, will leave your costume until the last minute and scramble for a quick solution. For you, we heartily recommend picking up one of designer Asher Levine‘s “Andy ‘Were’hol” masks, a sample of which just turned up at the ARTINFO offices.

The $100 price tag may be frighteningly steep, and it may look suspiciously similar to the leader of Gorillaz‘s cartoon avatars — and, if we’re being honest, the fang-y incisors are as much vampire as they are werewolf — but pair it with a tattered suit jacket and old camera, and you’ll fit right in as the monster cousin of all those people dressed as Rob Pruitt‘s “The Andy Monument.”

The “Andy ‘Were’hol” mask is one of a series of art- and fashion-themed masks Levine recently debuted — other masks include “Count Lagerfeld” and “Editor from the Blue Lagoon,” which spoofs Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

— Benjamin Sutton