Guerrilla Girls Quote Michele Bachmann in Minnesota Pro-Same-Sex Marriage Billboard

The feminist artist-activist collective Guerrilla Girls were in Minnesota recently to create a billboard installation urging motorists driving through downtown Minneapolis to vote against an amendment that would add a ban on same-sex marriage to the state constitution. To make their case, they enlisted an unlikely ally: the state’s far-right Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

“The billboard company was iffy on putting this up, but eventually agreed,” the Guerrilla Girls wrote on their website. “The money to rent the billboard was donated by Artists in Storefronts, Cult Status Gallery and concerned Minnesotans. Thanks!”

The excerpted quotation in question, the L.A. Times notes, was spoken during an open forum in Iowa last November — at which time Bachmann was still competing to be her party’s presidential nominee — in response to a comment by the Gay-Straight Alliance president from a local high school. Bachmann continued to explain that, in her view, marriage could only be between people of the opposite sex. If passed, the amendment would make same-sex marriage illegal outright in Minnesota, though a no-vote would not make it legal, but merely prevent it from being banned in the state constitution.

“Michelle Bachmann has done what I expected her to do,” Artists in Storefronts director Joan Vorderbruggen told the L.A. Times, “which is completely ignore it.”

— Benjamin Sutton