Arty Halloween How-To: Rock a “Levitated Mass” Costume

Because the entire art world can’t go as either “Beast Jesus” or a “Binder Full of Women” this Halloween — to say nothing of the terrifying but inevitable hybrid costume “Binder Full of Beast Jeasuses” — ARTINFO will outline the best way to make one topical art world costume every day between now and next Wednesday. We begin on the harder side, with Michael Heizer‘s “Levitated Mass.”

Option 1: There are varying degrees of verisimilitude after which one can strive with this costume project. A large paper maché boulder that fits over you head — don’t forget holes for your arms! — is already fairly convincing, being essentially a floating boulder much like the iconic Land Art behemoth. The particularly picky can customize by attempting to recreate the slightly tapering form of Heizer’s boulder, and accessorize by including its cement trench and the braces that keep the rock suspended above it.

Option 2: Those attempting to recreate the entire installation may have an easier time, in fact. All you’ll need is a medium-sized rock — real or fake, depending on your abdominal and back strength, and chosen style of dance — fixed to your body or clothes at the level of your stomach (this will require some glue, costume or otherwise). Under either side of it wedge and glue two rail-like pieces of plastic or wood — say, a few feet of finished wood moulding — running vertically, and voila!

Difficulty Level: 7

Sexy Option: Wear only the large paper maché boulder in Option 1. For men trying Option 2, wear nothing but the small fake rock of your choosing, strategically situated.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo via #Levitated Mass/Tumblr)