See Roy Lichtenstein’s Cover for Newsweek’s 1966 Pop Art Issue

In April of 1966 Newsweek magazine — which announced today that it will go online-only at the end of 2012 — devoted an issue to Pop “in art, fashion, entertainment, business,” and commissioned perennial Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein to create the popping cover art (in full below).

Though it’s not the only time contemporary art has been featured on the weekly magazine’s cover (last fall Ai Weiwei appeared there when he gave Newsweek an extensive interview) it may be the only issue to have been thematically guided by an art movement.

Funnily enough, the Pop issue’s cover was immediately appropriated by Andy Warhol — who was by then well on his way to displacing Lichtenstein as Pop art’s most prominent practitioner — for a poster promoting the Velvet Underground and the Inevitable Plastic Show tour the following month.

— Benjamin Sutton