Top 10 Names for Larry Gagosian’s Forthcoming Upper East Side Eatery

In a gossip item yesterday that was very short on both gossip and basic information, the New York Post reported that global gallery mogul Larry Gagosian is planning to open a restaurant in the ground floor of 980 Madison Avenue, the building housing Gagosian‘s Upper East Side location. The mysterious restaurant, to be managed by nearby eatery Sant Ambroeus — which one Yelper calls “a dining room away from home for many UES people” — doesn’t have a name yet, so we at ARTINFO have taken it upon ourselves to give Gogo these 10 suggestions accompanied by general menu guidelines.

— A bakery named Rachel Whitebread.

— A pastry shop called Cecily’s Brownies.

— A brunch spot named Jackson Pile o’ Lox.

— A Jewish deli called Carsten Challah.

— A burger joint named Martin Kippenberger and Fries.

— A greasy spoon diner called Green Eggleston and Hamilton.

— A fish and chips shack called Urs Fischer and Chips.

— An Indian restaurant named Currin in a Hurry.

— A pie stand named Julian Schnapple Pie.

— A candy shop called Saltwater Taffe.

Suggest your own below! (Here’s Gagosian’s artist roster, for your pun-composing perusal.)

— Julia Halperin, Benjamin Sutton