Feast Your Eyes on This Chocolatey “Beast Jesus” Cake

We already know that you’re going to dress up as Cecilia Gimenez‘s one-off art restoration masterwork “Ecce Homo” — aka Beast Jesus, Monkey Jesus, Potato Jesus, etc. — for Halloween, but if you’re really doing this iconic meme justice you will cap your All Hallows’ Eve celebrations by devouring a cake version of the cartoonishly botched 19th century fresco.

Though we were recently impressed by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe‘s Picasso cake, we have to admit that the Beast Jesus cake makes our mouths water more — possibly because the former is not actually edible. Blogger Amanda Kay posted the above photo of the Beast Jesus cake on her site Meteoroflgy, explaining:

Ladies and gents, behold the best cake I’ve ever had the good fortune to know in person. My dear friend Amy made this for a small Halloween get-together I hosted last night, and it’s simply too beautiful not to share with the world.

Though Kay doesn’t include a how-to, any aspiring art restorer worth their salt — and cocoa — should have no trouble recreating the lovable monkey face of Gimenez’s Beast Jesus with some liberally applied frosting.


— Benjamin Sutton