Watch “Cecilia Gimenez” Explain That Jesus Asked Her to Restore “Ecce Homo” on SNL

During Saturday’s edition of Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live,” the world-renowned amateur art restorer “Cecilia Gimenez” made an appearance, explaining that Jesus Christ appeared to her in a dream and asked her to touch up the now iconic “Ecce Homo” fresco, and that she wants her cut of the resulting tourist money because, she says, “I have to buy wine!”

“Jesus came to me in a dream,” “Gimenez” explains, “and looked at me with his enormous round monkey face, and poor Jesus, he had broken his arm, and it was wrapped up in a little jelly roll scroll… He was so beautiful.”

Watch the whole, hilarious clip below, and then find out how best to make your very own “Ecce Homo” Halloween costume.

— Benjamin Sutton