A Step-by-Step Guide to Dressing Up as Cecilia Gimenez’s “Beast Jesus” for Halloween

In 2008, it was Sarah Palin. In 2011, it was Amy Winehouse. This year, pundits are predicting that the Halloween costume of choice will be none other than Cecilia Gimenez‘s bastardized “Ecce Homo.” Widely known as “Beast Jesus,” the Spanish octogenatian’s botched restoration of a 19th-century fresco gained worldwide fame last month, just in time to inspire scores of homemade costumes like this one in advance of Halloween. If you still need help with your costume, ARTINFO has compiled three different methods to recreate “Beast Jesus” with minimal effort and maximum effect.

1. The Makeup Method:

This one is all about blending. In an outwards motion, smear a dark foundation from below your chin up to both ears. Then, apply a white powder or skin highlighter along the bridge of your nose and up across your forehead. The powder should be thick enough to demarcate a dramatic line above your eyebrows. Next, apply black eyeliner thickly around the rims of your eyes. (Bonus points if your eyes are already really small.) Finally, put on beige lipstick. The natural color of your lips should not be visible. Don a maroon robe.

2. The Pantyhose Method:

This requires a bit more prep work. Find a clean pair of tan pantyhose and two curly, brown wigs. Cut one leg off the pantyhose and discard. On the widest portion of the remaining leg, draw two diagonal, small eyes in sharpie. (If you hold the pantyhose leg in front of your face, the right drawn eye should be above your actual right eye, while the drawn left one should be below your actual left eye.) Place the stocking over your head. Wrap one wig below your chin and pin it on either side, behind your ears. Don the other wig like you would a normal wig. Lightly apply a smudged brown lipstick to your mouth area, and prepare to wow all your friends.

3. The Slacker Method:

Buy a monkey mask. Put it on. Wrap yourself in a red sheet.

For more “Beast Jesus” inspiration, check out this master of Method #2 below.

Julia Halperin, Rachel Corbett